Water resources assessments

  • Assessing available water resources in measured and unmeasured catchments given current water takes
  • Resource Management Act and local plan constraints
  • Possibilities for future water takes

Flow and rainfall data analysis

  • Calculating flow and rainfall statistics
  • High and low flow and rainfall frequencies
  • Trends, floods and droughts

Analysis of water storage

  • Inflow assessments
  • Design flood inflows and hydrographs
  • Usable storage

Resource consents

  • Preparation of applications to take water
  • Associated environmental impact assessments

Evidence for hearings

  • Preparing evidence for applications to hearings (for example Environment Court)

Regional Water Plan reviews

  • Reviewing water quantity sections of these plans
  • Assessing the possible impact and practicality of proposed policies and rules on water users

Technical reports review

  • Peer review of technical reports, (hydrology, water resources and water allocation)

Report preparation

  • No matter which of these areas of expertise David is working in, he provides thorough and easily read reports based on his expert analysis